Keep Them Looking Back is a royalty-free music track from Studio Logic Online. The 118 BPM contemporary track is upbeat with a dizzy drum pattern and some quirky vocal effects.

This track is available as a direct download from our Music Room.

Format: MP3 | BPM: 118 | Length: 3:14 | Bitrate: 192 kbps

Also, those weird beeps and “thanks” voices you hear in the demo are audio watermarks. These audio glitches do not exist in the file you will download – they are audio watermarks. Keep Them Looking Back is a copyrighted, royalty-free music track which means that once you download the song to your own device, you can use this for all kinds of interesting projects or public Events at any time, anywhere – forever. LICENSE Keep Them Looking Back here. Studio Logic Online royalty-free music licensing means we get to share our music with you along with a bare minimum of red-tape. Because we all have better things to do than paper-work! You can leave us feedback or comments below. (Your comments may be published).