If You Can Handle It is a royalty-free music track from SLO. An upbeat dance-able track at 122 BPM (Beats Per Minute) track. It is electronic and contemporary, with a positive vibe. No vocals. Licensed for re-use in media projects and live events.

Format: MP3 | BPM: 122 | Length: 3:18 | Bitrate: 192 kbps

If You Can Handle It is available as a direct download.

Those background beeps and “thanks” voices you hear in the demo are audio watermarks. These audio disturbances do not exist in the file you will download – so no worries.

This is a copyrighted, royalty-free music track which means that once you download the song to your own device, you can use this for all kinds of interesting projects or public Events at any time, anywhere – forever.

Royalty-free music is an excellent option for anyone who needs to use some original music, but without a huge expense.

Keeping post production costs low is always important, but especially for independent productions and tight budgets.

LICENSE If You Can Handle It here.

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