Fuji Crystal Archive Pearl Photo Paper

We love Fuji Pearl because it brings a unique depth and luster to your images – and frankly, it’s not as expensive as a true metal print. Because of it’s natural mica and metal oxides, Fuji Pearl paper creates a “metallic-like” look which is unlike traditional photo papers.

Fuji Crystal Archive Luster Photo Paper

Also known as E-Surface, this is our favorite paper for portraits. Luster is a semi-gloss paper which has a slightly pebbled texture; no troublesome gloss to distract from your image.

Fuji SuperGloss Photo Paper

Fuji’s SuperGloss Paper is a lot different than traditional photo paper because of it’s unique polyester base. If you want an incredibly high-gloss print with deep rich colors but the metal print is not your thing – you can’t go wrong with SuperGloss.

INKJET Art Prints

Inkjet Fine Art Prints are created by using professional inkjet printers and dye-based or pigmented INKS to produce your digital images onto the Fine Art paper of your choice.

If you know the paper you want, great.

If not, we’ll choose the best paper and ink combination for your image and/or application.